Security reports

  Security reports  

Security reports

[lead]Zybersafe recommends reading below security reports. These security reports are characterised by reliable authors and companies, that evaluate the cyber threaths from a neutral point of view.[/lead]

English security reports:

Deloitte Insights: Refining at risk – Securing downstream assets from cybersecurity threats (A report by Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions

Download the Deloitte Insights here


Nordea: Cybersecurity – Nordea On Your Mind

Download the Nordea Cybersecurity here


Nupi Report 3/18: Cyber-weapons in International Politics – Possible sabotage against the Norwegian petroleum sector

Download the Nupi Report here


Deloitte: Tapping of fibre networks

Download the english Deloitte report here

Danish security reports:

Deloitte: Fiber tapping

Download the danish Deloitte report here

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