Hardware security modules protecting data integrity and confidentiality

Simplify implementation of network data encryption

Protection of network traffic against data breaches (securing data in motion) is typically achieved by implementing standard Layer 3 VPN/IPSec tunnels.

However, IPSec by design adds a substantial overhead to each encrypted network packet, and, because of its complexity, this compounds network inefficiencies and adds to poor performance and increased overall solution cost. This compels enterprises to look for a technology that is simpler to operate and removes complexity from the WAN solution. Performing network data encryption at the data link layer (Layer 2) ensures superior network performance, simplifies network operations and reduces the overall cost of data protection.
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So why should I encrypt my data-connections? - and how does a Zybersafe Trafficcloak solution enhance my network security?

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Below you will find resources to get familiar with the Zybersafe encryption solution. You can choose to watch pre-recorded informative webinars, look thru our solution page with in-depth materials, or simply book us for a web-meeting where we can get to know your cybersecurity challenges, and determine if Zybersafe can help solve them.

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