Securing privacy
and integrity

ONS August 2018
Stavanger, Norway

The next generation
in encrypted security

Cyber Security Products

Our specially designed series of unique, high-speed layer 2 network encryption boxes will protect your data integrity and confidentiality


Strongest crypto algorithm

Ensures authentication

High data integrity

Replay attack protection

Wire Speed

1G and 10G Ethernet models

Real-time Layer 2 encryption

Low latency


Keys are not user-accessible

Changes every five minutes

HW random number generator

Tamper Proof

Mechanical blockades

Electronic traps

Intelligent tamper architecture

Zybersafe TrafficCloak Ethernet encryption


Espionage, manipulation and theft

Companies are under increasing pressure to further protect intellectual property rights and privacy against espionage and criminal activities. Criminal organisations and states attempting to access private data are growing still more creative in surveying, manipulating, intercepting and stealing this data.

We know that securing data in motion is paramount. Data sent through fiber lines is not automatically protected and can be easily accessed with the right equipment.



percent of cyber attacks have espionage as its motivation


percent of large companies have reported cyber security breaches within the last 12 months


percent of incidents can be attributed to errors in configuration or setup by system administrators

Infosecurity 2018

Zybersafe participates in the Infosecurity exhibition 2018 in Copenhagen, Denmark the 2nd and 3rd of May. Meet us at booth 906.

Please join Zybersafe CEO Michael Appelby on the 3rd of May at 10:30 for the seminar “Challenges in connecting OT and IT networks securely”. The seminar will focus on how securing critical infrastructure poses many challenges. Come and join the session for Zybersafe’s view on how to best secure data integrity and confidentiality between Operational Technology networks and IT networks.

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We look forward to see you for a talk about the latest safety and encryption news.

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