Zybersafe Authorized Resellers

Our network of Authorized Parters is ever growing. These partners have deep knowledge within the cybersecurity area, and have been trained within the implementation and deployment of Zybersafe solutions in various environments. Please find a Zybersafe Authorized Reseller in the list below:

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Having problems finding a partner near you, contact us at: info@zybersafe.com or call +45 7879 6000

Why Zybersafe and Triple-S chose to cooperate

Anton Therkildsen, CEO of Zybersafe says “Triple-S has almost 30 years of experience in delivering automation and safety products to customers in the oil & gas industry as well as critical infrastructure. In Triple-S, Zybersafe recognizes a partner with the same uncompromising approach to security that we ourselves possess, and we are pleased that Triple-S will incorporate our solutions in business areas such as digitization, networking and cyber security. "

Knut Erik Tovslid, Head of Network & Cyber ​​Security at Triple-S says: “The collaboration with Zybersafe is important in order to be able to offer complete security solutions within industry, oil & gas and critical infrastructure. We must help customers lower their risk level to an acceptable level. We believe that the market wants simple solutions with large capacity and the highest degree of security. Precisely these points are Zybersafe's areas of strength. "

Become a Zybersafe Reseller

Whether your organisation is a systems integrator, telecommunications and data networks service provider, cloud or data centre service provider, being a Zybersafe Authorized Reseller, you will receive all the support you need to be successful.

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